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Modern and typical small factory designs


The application of pre-engineered steel buildings has soared up with strict construction standards and gorgeous appearance. Therefore, people can apply it to many uses. Here are the most convenient small factory designs from BMB Steel for your reference.

1. Advantages of the small factory construction

A small pre-engineered factory has many outstanding advantages when compared to other types of buildings. The pre-engineered steel building has the following advantages:

  • Save construction area and production costs
  • Light and sturdy pre-engineered steel material; easy to manufacture, assemble, and erect 
  • Able to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Save construction space
  • Simple construction structure but high usability
  • Save materials

2. When should a small factory be designed?

Factory designs with a small and medium area will be suitable for the following uses:

  • For factories to produce goods and materials
  • For parking areas, warehouses, storages
  • For production factories, small-scale constructions
  • For offices or even residential areas
  • For goods warehouses, etc

3. Small factory with 100m2

Construction cost: about 130 million VND

Rental cost: from 8 million/month

Application: This type of factory can be used in civil construction and warehouses. The models below are simple designs made of pre-engineered steel frame and cold corrugated iron surround. There are entrance doors with tempered glass panels to protect and get more lighting and ventilation.

Thiết kế nhà xưởng 100m2 1
Factory with a ventilation system as a
Thiết kế nhà xưởng nhỏ 100m2 2
Pre-engineered steel buildings for residential use with an area of ​​​​less than 100m2


Hình ảnh thiết kế nhà xưởng nhỏ 3
Industrial pre-engineered factory

4. Small factory with 200m2

Construction cost: about 300 million VND

Rental cost: from 10 million/month

Application: This kind of pre-engineered building model can be used as an office or a factory. It has large windows, frame construction with a high standard, and a roof with a good drainage slope.

Hình ảnh thiết kế nhà xưởng nhỏ 200m2
Two-storey office factory
Hình ảnh nhà xưởng nhỏ 200m2

Small-scale factories with stairs outside

Hình ảnh nhà xưởng nhỏ 200m2 3
Solid concrete floor

5. Small factory with 300m2

Construction cost: more than 450 million VND

Rental cost: from 15 million/month

Application: A small 300m2 factory can be used as a warehouse for businesses to store large trucks or produce mechanical products and materials.

thiết kế nhà xưởng nhỏ 300m2 1
Model of the pre-engineered factory as a warehouse for goods
Thiết kế nhà xưởng 300m2 3
The space inside is full of lighting systems, sturdy rafter columns
Thiết kế nhà xưởng 300m2 5
The factory combines concrete and pre-engineered steel frame structure

6. Small factory with 400m2

Construction cost: about 600 million VND

Rental cost: 18 million/month

Application: Use high-quality steel materials, detailed structures to ensure standards. The 400m2 small factory is widely used as a heavy industrial production area, a workplace combined with production.

Thiết kế nhà xưởng 400m2

Column frames, ceiling frames, and corrugated iron roofs are firmly connected.

Hình ảnh nhà xưởng 400m2
Factory designed as an industrial workshop
Thiết kế nhà xưởng nhỏ 400m2
Small pre-engineered steel factory with 400m2

7. Design of small factory 500m2

Construction cost: about 750 million VND

Rental cost: 22 million/month

Applications: Pre-engineered factory 500m2 can be used for rent in many industrial applications such as production or business activities. The surrounding section is a combination of corrugated iron, steel, and a solid concrete floor; thus, large trucks can be easily moved.

Hình ảnh nhà xưởng 500m2
The area of ​​500m2 is sufficient for a factory to store materials
Hình ảnh nhà xưởng nhỏ 500m2 làm sản xuất
Pre-engineered steel pipe frames are arranged in a force balance arrangement
Nhà xưởng nhr 500m2 tiện lợi
The entire enclosing part is made of concrete walls

8. Small factory design with 600m2

Construction cost: about 900 million VND

Rental cost: from 25 million/month

Application: Used as a center of industrial production, material gathering storage, factory.

Hình ảnh nhà xưởng nhỏ 600m2
Factory area with 600m2
Hình ảnh nhà xưởng 600m2 sản xuất
A production factory design
Hình ảnh nhà xưởng 600m2 làm xưởng sản xuất
The storage yard with an entrance for trucks to move easily

9. Design of small factory 800m2

Construction cost: more than 1 billion VND

Rental cost: 30 million/month

Application: Used as an industrial park for a large number of workers and extensive production processes. This factory model is a combination of many materials to multiply the quality. 

Nhà xưởng mini 800m2 làm nhà sản xuất

Pre-engineered steel frame factory combined with reinforced concrete

Nhà xưởng 800m2
800m2 small-scale factory complex
Các bulong kết nối với nhau tạo khung nhà xưởng vô cùng chắc chắn
The bolts connect to each other to create a substantial factory frame.

Nhà xưởng thép tiền chế mang rất nhiều ưu điểm. Là điều quan trọng để cho những doanh nghiệp kinh doanh có được không gian làm việc, sản xuất và tích trữ, chứa đựng nguyên vật liệu. Ngoài ra một số công trình diện tích nhỏ còn có thể làm nơi để sinh hoạt rất tốt. Những mẫu thiết kế nhà xưởng nhỏ trên đây đều có thể được thực hiện với chất lượng cao và chi phí hợp lý bởi BMB Steel, hy vọng sẽ là gợi ý tốt cho bạn tham khảo. 

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