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The unique role of design drawings in building factories


When constructing a project, the design drawing is indispensable and has to be entirely and meticulously prepared. A factory design drawing will describe all the required data to build a perfect building. How to make a professional design drawing? What are the requirements of factory construction design drawings? To learn more,  let's figure out with BMB Steel in the article below.

1. Design drawings of pre-engineered steel factories and industrial buildings

Steel factory and industrial building drawings are descriptions that are illustrated by images and data parameters. It altogether provides readers with detail, structure, and what constitutes a building. In terms of purpose and designing plan, the more meticulous and legible the drawing is, the more standard the new construction will be. Moreover, only when these conditions are met can the cost of investment be determined.

Hình ảnh bản vẽ thiết kế nhà xưởng

It is compulsory to design the drawings of pre-engineered factories and industrial buildings from the first stages. Apart from using specialized technical support software, this step must be conducted by a highly qualified construction engineer. Thus, the drawing will achieve high accuracy, and the pre-engineered factory will be of the best quality.

2. Requirements of a factory construction design drawing

Hình ảnh thiết kế bản vẽ nhà xưởng tiền chế

It is insufficient when a factory building is only shown on one drawing. Every structure and separated area needs both a general and a detailed drawing. The drawings need to be scientifically placed in the correct order, both vertically and horizontally. A complete pre-engineered steel factory project requires these below drawings:

2.1 Architectural drawing

Bản vẽ kiến trúc nhà xưởng thép tiền chế

The architectural drawing is the overall drawing that shows how to distribute areas and plan to use the ground properly. Besides, the front elevation and cross-section are also demonstrated in this design drawing. The drawing has to show the height, width, and division ratios for areas in the factory building. The front elevation shows the general shape of the whole building; the cross-section will clearly show the details and crannies inside your pre-engineered factory.

2.2 Drawing of steel structures

Bản vẽ kết cấu thép nhà xưởng thép tiền chế

The steel structure drawing includes the details of the plan and the locations which are positioned accurately. Additionally, it comprises components of the foundation, column, beam, truss, steel columns, and the crossbars that need to be used. Besides, the entire frame making the general steel structure for the house is also shown on this drawing.

2.3 Drawing of electrical and lighting system

Hình ảnh bản vẽ hệ thống điện chiếu sáng nhà xưởng

The lighting system is an integral part of a pre-engineered factory architecture. This drawing demonstrates where to distribute the luminaires, the location of the sockets, how to carry out the electrical diagram, etc. It needs to make detailed and accurate drawings of the lighting system to ensure safety during the use of the factory.

2.4 Drawing of the water system

The water system also needs to be made a detailed drawing to complete the construction. It comprises a water supply system, water pipeline, drainage pipe, etc. Another thing that should be focused on is that the construction needs to be waterproof and robust enough to ensure load-bearing.

Hình ảnh hệ thống nước nhà xưởng thép tiền chế

The drawing not only shows the shape of the structure but also shows the construction materials. Furthermore, it calculates how much money to invest in a project.  Thus, the investment will reduce the incurred cost, and the construction will not miss any components.

In the article above, we have provided you with information about design drawings and factory construction. You can refer to some important notes when designing the factory to complete the drawing thoroughly.

Currently, pre-engineered factories and workshops are becoming more and more popular, especially for manufacturing enterprises. If you have a demand to design factory drawings and build high-quality buildings, you can contact BMB Steel to cooperate and own the most impressive pre-engineered houses.

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