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1001+ simple, gorgeous and specialized factory models in 2021


The beautiful and small pre-engineered steel factory is a typical construction style in 2021. It is not only highly applicable but also easily adaptable to many terrains. Furthermore, the design of the small pre-engineered factory can be applied to a lot of beautiful ideas. In this article, BMB Steel will provide you with 1001+ the most beautiful and simple factory models this year.

1. Uses and advantages of the pre-engineered factory

In the remarkable development of society, building new and unique projects is what many people are concerned about. Particularly, buildings that have both simplicity and high application features are even more popular.

Uses and advantages of the pre-engineered factory

One of the most typical types of houses today is the pre-engineered steel factory. Factory designs are often applied to business buildings such as warehouses, workshops, or civil houses. By using simple and small factories, owners will considerably save construction costs. In addition, it is also possible to utilize the land area but still make the house valuable.

The advantages of a beautiful small factory model can be mentioned as:

  • Easy design, time-saving
  • Only require a few construction materials, minimize the transportation cost
  • Save the labor cost
  • Save the construction space; limit incurred problems in the production process

2. 1001+ small, beautiful factory models in 2021

Here are some simple factory models with beautiful designs and small areas for your reference. You can apply it in your future projects. Let's take a look at these models.

2.1 Small factory with ​​​​500m2

Small factory with ​​​​500m2


A fundamental and straightforward factory with an area of ​​​​500m2 is a good choice for warehouses, workshops, and garages. In addition, construction is also relatively easy and time-saving for construction acceptance.


  • Low construction cost, compact area
  • High applicability
  • Solid design ensure the construction safety 

2.2 Factory with 600m2

Factory with 600m2

A simple 600m2 factory is enough to be used as a garage or warehouse for business activities. In addition, it can also be used to make small and medium-sized factories or storage.


  • Have a strong and solid strutting beam
  • The columns system is extremely strong secure
  • The area is comfortable to produce and store goods

2.3 Beautiful small factory with flat roof design

 Beautiful small factory with flat roof design


The flat roof design helps to expand the space of the prefabricated house. The steel frames are assembled and built solidly. The sturdy truss system helps the building to stand firmly in all terrains and weather conditions.


  • Corrugated iron roof, flat frame
  • Steel frame and crossbeam has a thick structural

2.4 Beautiful and airy small prefabricated factory

Beautiful and airy small prefabricated factory

Designed with a two-storey architecture and located in the middle of an empty land, this prefabricated factory model is mainly applied for storages. Not only using multi-purpose pre-engineered steel materials, but the factory also combines additional materials such as concrete and reinforcement.

2.5 Industrial pre-engineered factory

Industrial pre-engineered factory

Application in industrial production activities is a particularly prominent use of prefabricated factories. The roofs are made of corrugated sheet metal to ensure that the factory temperature is always at a reasonable standard.


  • Can be expanded if you want 
  • Simple design, the joints can be disassembled, the corrugated iron roof is firmly installed to ensure the safety
  • Good heat insulation and soundproof 

2.6 Pre-engineered steel buildings with horizontal steel frames

Pre-engineered steel buildings with horizontal steel frames 


  • Parallel steel frame and truss column are firmly intertwined
  • The roof system is resistant to all types of weather
  • The steel frame can be reused and expands easily 

2.7 Pre-engineered steel buildings with corrugated sheet metal roofs

Pre-engineered steel buildings with corrugated sheet metal roofs


  • Pre-engineered steel roof has more space to get light and ventilation
  • Two-row pre-engineered steel frame with solid crossbars

2.8 Pre-engineered factory frame

Pre-engineered factory frame


In the article above, BMB Steel has introduced to you some simple, sturdy and beautiful factory models. You can consult with your contractor and choose suitable design ideas for your projects. You should choose a prestigious contractor such as BMB Steel to design and build your pre-engineered factory.

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