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Cheap and convenient prefab house under 200 million VND


The prefab house is an optimal and effective solution for densely populated places with limited living areas, such as Ho Chi Minh City. Outstandingly, this type of house is very cost-effective and time-saving when building. Here are some typical cheap and convenient prefab houses under 200 million for your reference.

1. What is the prefab house?

The general concept of prefab house

A prefab house are called pre-engineered steel building, is a building that is designed with removable and assembled materials. It is not built permanently like reinforced concrete houses. The prefab house is manufactured from steel material, then erected into the frame by bolts. Besides, the roof and the surrounding part of the house are made from corrugated iron steel, and the surrounding wall and partition are made of materials such as planks, wood, etc.

2. Advantages of the prefab house

The advantage of prefabricated steel frame houses is that they are easy to implement and disassemble if you want to expand. It is also easy to transport each part and component to the construction site to build and complete.

Outstanding advantages of the prefab house

The durability of prefabricated building materials is excellent. Thus, it is suitable for many projects with high applicability and cost-effectiveness. Many of these advantages contribute to making prefab houses a popular type of construction.

3. The prefab house’s applications

Prefab houses have many practical applications 

Prefab houses can be applied to many types of houses such as:

  • Prefabricated factory
  • Factory and warehouse
  • Company, office
  • Parking area
  • Building field hospital
  • Building anti-flood house
  • Building houses for workers, officials, etc.

By virtue of its durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, the prefab house should be prioritized for many applications such as restaurants and cafes. The convenience of the prefab house makes it more and more popular.

4. Cheap and convenient prefab models

4.1 Prefab house with 50 million

4.1.1 Prefab house 50 million for convenient housing

Prefab house with 50 million 1


  • Easy to assembly and erect
  • Materials that are easy to design
  • Simple house structure

Popular applications: Making housing for officials or workers' housing.

4.1.2 Ancillary works made of prefab houses

Prefab house with 50 million 2


  • Low price
  • Solid
  • Beautiful and comfortable

Popular applications: Making auxiliary works in working construction

4.1.3 The prefab homestay with 50 million VND

Prefab house with 50 million 3


  • Able to combine many materials
  • Small house structure, saving space
  • Convenient for erecting

Popular application: Homestay for business, travel

4.1.4 Prefab houses for workers with 50 million VND

Prefab house with 50 million 4


  • Compact, portable
  • Simple assembly, quick completion

Popular application: Making container houses to stay in construction areas

4.1.5 Prefab four-level house

Prefab house with 50 million 5


  • Simple design
  • Whole roof and drainage systems
  • There are central door systems, auxiliary windows to receive more light and air

Popular applications: Used in community activities

4.2 Prefab house with 100 million

4.2.1 Residential prefab accommodation

Prefab house with 100 million 1


  • Unify the designs
  • Adjacent assembly
  • The project has a standard consistency

Popular application: Making inns, civil houses in areas with a limited land area

4.2.2 Prefab office for businesses

Prefab house with 100 million 2


  • Solid 
  • Able to withstand the impact of the environment
  • There is an outdoor staircase system

Popular applications: Workers' houses, offices

4.2.3 Prefab hostel with 100 million VND

Prefab house with 100 million 3


  • Cheap
  • Quick construction design

Popular applications: Making inns, living areas for residents and workers. The structure of the building is simple, and the construction cost is low

4.2.4 Anti-flood house

Prefab house with 100 million 4


  • Steady on any type of terrain
  • There are open-air stairs

Popular application: Building anti-flood house. Anti-flood house designed and assembled with 100 million VND

4.2.5 Prefab container house for construction

Prefab house with 100 million 5


  • Compact
  • Low-price materials
  • Quickly solve housing problems in a short time

Popular application: Making housing for construction workers at the construction sites

4.3 Prefab house with 140 million

4.3.1 Cheap prefab coffee shop

Prefab houses with 140 million VND 1


  • Building without affecting the environment 
  • Materials can be recycled

Popular applications: Building houses, offices, service business, etc.

4.3.2 The prefab coffee shop 

Prefab houses with 140 million VND 2


  • Built entirely from pre-engineered steel material
  • Combined with a high aesthetic tempered glass door, good-bearing capacity

Popular applications: Building bars, restaurants, business

4.3.3 Prefab housing for business

Prefab houses with 140 million VND 3


  • Fully functional for a living project 
  • Natural wood materials bring cool, luxurious, easy to install

Popular applications: Making houses, homestays

4.3.4 Prefab resort

Prefab houses with 140 million VND 4


  • Assembled and erected from wood, so it is wonderful and friendly
  • Solid with the frame made from pre-engineered steel

Popular application: Making resort

4.3.5 Prefab house for living

Prefab house with a creative facade


  • Create many shapes for the project
  • The material is sturdy and gorgeous

Popular application: Used in civil housing

4.4 Prefab house 150 million

4.4.1 Prefab public toilet

Public toilets from prefabricated materials


  • Save space
  • Cheaper
  • Move easily

Popular application: Building public toilets

4.4.2 Cheap prefab villa

Cheap villas prefab construction


  • Spectacular
  • High usability value
  • Have a full system

Popular application: Villa house for living

4.4.3 Prefab house with 150 million VND

Cheap prefab house with 200 million VND


  • The prefab house is cheap, but its quality and aesthetics value is remarkable
  • Combined with a steel frame to ensure the surrounding

Popular application: Residential house

4.4.4 Bird's nest model prefab house

Bird's nest house for a tourist area


  • Simple drawing design
  • Time-saving construction

Popular application: tourism and travel business

4.4.5 Typical prefab coffee shop

Coffee shop business with prefabricated buildings


  • Nice design
  • Solid material and unique color, high aesthetic value

Popular application: Building resort, coffee shop

4.5 Prefab house with 200 million

4.5.1 Prefab resort with 200 million VND

Model of prefab house with 200 million 


  • Assembled from wood, durable and cool material
  • Solid pre-engineered steel frame

Popular applications: building villas, resorts, high-class resorts

4.5.2 Hostels and homestays

Bird's nest building for the resort


  • Quick construction
  • Saving construction area
  • High aesthetic value

Popular application: building resort, office for business

4.5.3 Civil housing

Low-cost residential prefab building


  • Combining materials such as pre-engineered steel and tempered glass to ensure both aesthetics and strength values

Popular application: Building civil house

4.5.4 Production factory

The solid surrounding wall system of the building 


  • Large area
  • The solid surrounding system protects the factory against the influence of weather
  • Secure roof and good drainage system

Typical applications: Building production areas, storages, warehouses, etc.

4.5.5 Prefabricated workshops for production

Small-scale two-story prefab factory


  • Solid structure
  • The house has two floors, so the usable space is doubled
  • There are many extra windows for the factory to be bright and airy

Popular application: building factory, workshop, warehouse.

Hopefully, with the cheap prefabricated house models that BMB Steel has shared, you have already found the right solution for your future building.

For the time being, the most prominent building design is pre-engineered steel buildings. This cost-effective model has a good-looking appearance. Besides, it is also a highly economical solution. To learn more, you can refer to the top 20 hot and cheap prefabricated houses

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Legally, the factory construction needs to have specific construction documents and dossiers. They ensure the rights of both parties and the construction process.

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