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Crucial notes when building an industrial factory


How to build a reasonable factory? What should be meticulously considered when conducting a business construction? These are two widely and exceedingly pressing issues that every business has to deal with when planning for a construction project. In the article below, let's learn with BMB Steel some critical notes when building an industrial factory.

1. What should be paid attention to when building an industrial factory

It is necessary to understand clearly what should be done before building an industrial factory. To avoid unexpected mistakes, every business needs to calculate carefully when commencing construction.

1.1 Prepare a detailed construction cost estimate

Sample of a factory construction cost estimate
Sample of a factory construction cost estimate

The first thing that businesses need to pay attention to is the industrial factory’s detailed estimation of the cost. This is a mandatory part that requires businesses to accurately calculate construction costs, materials, laborers, etc.

The more practical the calculation, the more convenient and easy the factory construction will be. It will help the investment owner to be positive with the capital, and be proactive when problems occur. Besides, it is also a fundamental factor for choosing raw materials, contractors, etc.

These expenses include the down payment before conducting the construction, costs required for construction, costs of purchasing materials, paying for the design and consulting. In addition, the contingency cost is particularly essential as it will anticipate arising problems such as rising raw material prices.

1.2 Note when applying for a factory building permit

Application form for a construction permit to build an industrial factory
Application form for a construction permit to build an industrial factory

Applying for a construction permit is considered a mandatory step that businesses must do before proceeding with construction. A building permit is a legally valid document issued by a competent authority.

Enterprises must fully prepare documents to apply for a construction permit from the People's Committee of the province or city where the construction is planned. The application for a permit must comply with the order and procedures of the law.

1.3 Feng shui notes in building factories

Since ancient times, consulting feng shui masters before building a project has always been a significant thing. Feng shui is a traditional custom in East Asia because everyone believes in good luck, smoothness, and fortune.

Notwithstanding, this is not a mandatory thing that business has to do as feng shui needs to consider other factors such as finance, convenience at work, land area, etc.

However, businesses must pay attention to the following things when building a factory:

  • Firstly, design a reasonable layout to avoid fragmentation, dispersion, and large gaps in the factory.
  • Second, choose a good land area, the ancients have a famous saying "Where there is good land, the birds will come and settle". We should avoid areas with heavy negative energy, soft soil, prone to landslides, and harsh climates.

1.4 Choose suitable roofing sheets for factories

For the time being, most businesses in Vietnam choose corrugated iron for roofs of factories instead of other materials because it has the characteristics of durability, reasonable price, and high quality. 

If you want the factory’s roof to be durable and safe, you should choose high-quality types of corrugated iron such as insulated or cold corrugated iron. They are not only durable and safe for users but also have good heat insulation and resistance to hot temperatures.

Choose suitable roofing sheets for factories
Choose suitable roofing sheets for factories

1.5 Other notes when building a prefabricated corrugated iron roof factory

Choose a good day to commence constructing an industrial factory 
Choose a good day to commence constructing an industrial factory 

Apart from the above notes when building industrial factories, businesses should not ignore:

Before starting construction, the ground-breaking ceremony’s date and time should be meticulously planned. Moreover, we should avoid densely populated areas and places with poor infrastructure. Carefully choosing reputable contractors and material suppliers are two key factors to have a high-quality project.

2. Vital things to pay attention to when constructing industrial factories

Along with understanding what needs to be noted before construction, you should not ignore these essential things:

2.1 The foundation

The foundation is the core factor that determines the stability of a house or a building. During construction, the contractor , as well as the owner, is responsible for deciding whether the materials are high-quality or qualified or not to proceed with construction.

Engineers must carefully calculate the suitable options for the ground as well as the infrastructure of the construction site. In the case of weak ground, it is necessary to consider the reinforcement method to increase the stiffness of the foundation.

2.2 The floor

The industrial factory floor
The industrial factory floor

Depending on the purpose of each business, the investment owner should carefully consider choosing a thin or thick background to be both suitable with the budget and the using functions. You should consider and take into account things such as machinery and equipment to calculate the thickness of the background.

2.3 Structural part

The stage of making the structural part of the factory building
The stage of making the structural part of the factory building

The building structure process requires cooperation among parties such as the construction parties, the equipment installers, electricity and water suppliers, etc. The parties must work in harmony together so as not to encounter problems.

With the information about the notes when building an industrial factory in the article above, investment owners or individuals should carefully consider in order for the project to achieve the best quality with optimal expenses.

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