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Pre-engineered building's construction and erection process


For factory and pre-engineered building (PEB) constructions, investment owners need to understand the implementation process to control and closely monitor the project’s progress. What is the standard pre-engineered steel building construction process? In this article below, BMB Steel will answer this question.

1. Pre-engineered building’s design drawing

Pre-engineered building’s design drawing

From the very beginning, drawings of pre-engineered buildings need to be designed because this is an integral factor to show the general structure and the necessary details in the project. From there, contractors will provide suitable solutions for construction and design with the most optimal plan.

Drawings of the pre-engineered building need to demonstrate the following factors:

  • Plans of the buildings structures
  • The specifics of the work with clear figures, dimensions, quantities
  • Ground plan layout, the layout of components
  • Manage drawings

2. Process and manufacture pre-engineered building (PEB) components

With accurate measurement data, layout drawings, and detailed design, the next step in the pre-engineered factory construction is processing the material components. It is necessary to absolutely adhere to the principles and data to produce components with correct requirements and measurements.

Process and manufacture pre-engineered building (PEB) components

The component processing steps include cutting, processing gusset plate, assembling, welding, and assembling gusset plate. Finally, clean the structure’s surface, then paint layers such as anti-rust, anti-fire, etc. The materials used are all made of steel, corrugated iron, etc., which are capable of insulating heat and is resistant to the effects of climate and weather.

3. Erecting pre-engineered building’ components

When assembling pre-engineered building components to complete the work, builders need to have methods to protect labor safety. There should be supporting machinery to support and put the materials together.

Erecting pre-engineered building’ components


3.1 Construction of the mainframe

First, assemble the mainframe (including installation of columns, truss beams, rafter frames, purlins). During the installation process, you should pay attention to the standards according to the drawings. In this process, the support of equipment and techniques is essential. When aligning, you have to be sure that the columns reach a certain height and straightness. Thus, the new frame will ensure solidity to bear the load of the whole house.

3.2 Construction of the cover and surrounding

The cover of the work includes the roof, the wall, the gutter, etc. When installing the corrugated iron sheets, you must use sliding pipes to pull the corrugated iron sheet on the roof, fixed by iron hooks. Right from the first installation of panels, it must be absolutely aligned to close the entire roof to achieve high aesthetics and good quality.

4. Inspecting and handing over works

A significant step to complete the project is to check the entire factory when it is erected. If the construction process commits to standard construction in each stage, the inspection of the work will be easier and faster. When the project is recognized that the project has met the standards and can be put into use, the contractor will hand over the project to the owners. The owner should keep documents and information for future warranty if there is a mistake.

BMB Steel has provided you with the necessary information about the standard pre-engineered building construction process in the article above. You should understand the above process steps to be able to build a high-quality and aesthetic project.

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