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Steel structure manufacturing process


Manufacturing steel structure is a vital step to create a solid pre-engineered steel building. What stages does that process include? Below, you refer to the article of BMB Steel to get useful information.

1. Raw material selection

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The material used in manufacturingsteel structure is mainly steel. Steel materials are used to design the foundation, the house’s frame. Besides, other raw materials (like iron) are also used as connection parts such as bolts. They need to be carefully selected to ensure that they are strong and high-quality. Besides, they must have a good-bearing capacity and guaranteed connection structure.

2. Material inspection

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Imported materials must be carefully checked for the origins. They must be confirmed by specialized individuals to ensure the safety as well as the requirements of construction techniques. Check the system of columns,  beams, the tightening force of structural bolts and anchor bolts.

3. CNC and hydraulic cutting

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After importing raw materials and carefully checking for quality, the construction contractor will conduct CNC and hydraulic cutting. This step creates the curve for the metal material. Any curves in the drawing can be done with both 3D and 2D styles.

4. Manual welding

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Manual welding is the fourth step in the steel structure manufacturing process. The materials that have been cut, shaped to create blocks will be manually welded to be linked together. This welding process is carried out manually by builders.

5. Automatic welding

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Some disadvantages of manual welding will be solved by automatic welding. Automatic welding will be performed by machines, robots or CNC automatic welding vehicles. The linking parts are completely done to create solid bondings.

6. Hydraulic Breaker

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Hydraulic breakers are used to cut the excess details in the welded joint. The working principle of this cutting machine is to apply fluid pressure (hydraulic) to cut metal quickly and with high technology.

7. Straighten the components

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During the steel structure welding process, the heat from the machine will make some parts of the material become warped and distorted. Thus, we need to use a straightener to straighten the components. This is very significant to ensure the quality of the steel structure.

8. Grinding process

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In terms of steel structure’s accuracy and aesthetics, it is necessary to have a grinding process. The grinding process includes:

  • Flat grinding
  • Outer round grinding
  • Inner circular grinding: Helps to process taper, cylindrical, and shaped holes
  • Shaped grinding: Grinding of positions and surfaces with straight lines
  • Centerless grinding: Suitable for stepless structural details

9. Non-destructive welding test

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To know whether the weldings meet the standards or not, they must be carefully checked after the welding process. We need to check the positions between two material components. We can visually check or use ultrasonic or demagnetization methods.

10. Clean and prepare the surface

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This stage is incredibly crucial to keep the surface of the structure clean and ensure that there is no dirt or anything in every position. It plays a role in preserving the durability of the structure, keeping the paint layers better. We can clean by hydraulic method.


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Builder will paint with two layers. The first is a coating for metal surfaces to resist the effects of the environment that causes rust. The second is the outer layer to create an aesthetic for the structural appearance. Painting is very essential for long-term protection and stability of steel structures.

12. Finishing, packaging and transporting to the construction site

After completing the above steps, the steel structure will be checked again in general. The final part of the steel structure manufacturing process is to transport to the construction and construction site for erection as shown in the drawings.

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The steel structure manufacturing process must be carried out in the right steps, according to the standards to ensure the high quality and aesthetics for the pre-engineered steel building. The article above is a summary of the steel structure manufacturing process. Hopefully, it will help you get more useful information. If you have any questions, you can contact BMB Steel for answers and advices.

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