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Regulatory documents when building a industrial factory


Before entering the construction phase, the investment owner and the contractor must be concerned about the legal construction procedures. The construction permit is the most crucial factor for a legal construction project. To be granted a construction permit, you need to master the document standard specification to apply for a factory construction permit.

1. Construction permit

A factory construction permit is considered the most vital legal document promulgated by the government that permits businesses or individuals to construct a project.

1.1 The role of applying for a factory building permit

Applying for a factory construction permit is a mandatory requirement for all businesses, individuals and contractors when starting to carry out building factories. A building permit is considered a legal certification by the state.

The state will ensure the legitimate interests of the factory when problems arise, minimize lawsuits and complaints. However, if a construction is carried out without permission from the competent authority, there will be severe punishments from the state as prescribed in Decree 121/2013/ND-CP.

1.2 Procedures for applying for a factory building permit

To apply for a construction permit, you need to follow the process respectively as required by the competent authorities. This process is as follows:

  • First, prepare all required documents and records.
  • Next, submit all the prepared documents to the Receiving and Returning Department of the People's Committee of the province or city where the building is located.
  • When receiving your dossier, the Infrastructure & Urban Development Department will check. After that, the People's Committee continues to consider and, if valid, will agree to issue a construction permit.
  • The contractor will receive the construction permit at the document receiving department at the People's Committee where you submitted the application

1.3 Dossier to apply for a factory construction permit

The factory construction dossier must meet these requirements, including:

  • The application form for construction permit must contain necessary things such as the information of the investment owner, the location where the permit is applied for, the construction scale, information about the construction sketch designer, estimated time of completion.
  • Factory blueprint.
  • Business license.
  • The commitment to environmental protection or the approval of the environmental impact assessment report.
  • Description of design documents.
  • Project reports, design verification results.
  • Factory construction project accounting.

2. Factory completion

Completion of the factory is the final procedure before putting the factory into use. This is also a legal obligation step that construction enterprises and contractors must follow before the completion of the construction process. After that, the factory officially comes into operation.

2.1 The vital role of the factory as-built documents

The as-built document of the factory is one of the regulatory documents when building an industrial factory:

  • It is the fundamental factor for pre-acceptance testing of factory construction, which is a critical step before putting it into operation.
  • It is a payment declaration for the audit department.
  • It is a striking demonstration for state agencies about the construction completion. Thus, it facilitates local agencies in management.
  • It helps the factory to be guaranteed and protected by the state.

2.2 The factory completion procedure

The construction completion procedure is similar to the licensing one. It includes the following steps:

  • Prepare as-built documents, here are two types of documents: legal records and quality records.
  • Submit all prepared documents at the receiving documents office at the People's Committee of the province or city where the factory is built.
  • After receiving the dossier, the relevant departments will conduct a review and inspection of the factory. If you meet the requirements, you will be granted a construction permit, if there are any problems, the department will contact you and ask you to supplement the necessary documents.
  • Once the as-built documents are approved, the department will be responsible for sending the results to the factory owner.

2.3 What does the factory as-built document include?

The as-built document includes 2 types: legal document and quality document. The construction contractor must fully prepare the following necessary documents:

For legal documents:

  • Application for a completion permit.
  • Investment registration certificate.
  • Factory construction contract.
  • Business license and construction permit.

As for quality documents:

  • Construction and as-built factory drawing.
  • Factory construction report.
  • Certificate of materials, equipment, etc.
  • The acceptance and inspection of construction work
  • Construction project completion acceptance.

In the article above, there are all the regulatory documents when building an industrial factory. Hopefully, the above information from BMB Steel will help readers answer questions about the licensing process in factory construction.

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